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Please choose one of the above designs and customize it as you wish, or view our gallery below to see some of our previously custom-designed projects.

Please Note: Photos are being frequently changed. If you have seen a design recently that you wish to view again,       contact us and we will email it to you.


"The Diputs Design"is 14'x16' and 6" thick. It weighs in at 2500 pounds and was specifically designed, constructed and installed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the Rocky Mountains, USA. And yes, it is tracked to operate as an overhead application, as are all of Colorado's Choice Installs, LLCs' products. Duck Hunt
"The Ranch" Featuring custom hand-hewn lumber and hand-crafted windows designed to your specifications. Duck Hunt
"The Custom Raised Panel" featuring Aye Grade Clear Cedar hand crafted raised panels with corners arched. Duck Hunt
"The Forest Trail" featuring A-Grade Clear Cedar...see our Remodel Gallery Duck Hunt
"The Starburst" featuring Custom Starburst window design with #3 Tight-knot Cedar.              (Note: Unfinished Lumber) Duck Hunt
"The CHA1" featuring Mock Arched wimdows with 1x4 #3 Tight Knot Cedar, smooth out, including hand-hewn edges & trim Duck Hunt
"The Pinnacle" Featuring Aye Grade Clear Cedar, Rough Out, & W-8 Arched Glass Design.   Note: Product is not finish stained. Duck Hunt
"The Crosbie" featuring #3 Tight-knot Cedar & top section window design. Duck Hunt
"The Cottage" featuring hand hewed lumber with Crossbucks and top section window designs. Duck Hunt
"The Silverthorne" featuring #3 Tight-Knot Cedar with Custom interor & exterior window dividers. Duck Hunt
Custom Built Arch Designs, dimensionally measured to fit any arched opening. Duck Hunt
The CHA0 16x7 Featuring Aye Grade Clear Cedar 1x4 T&G and bordering frame. Duck Hunt
"The CHSA" with W-8 glass designs, featuring Spanish Cedar background and #3 Tight Knot Cedar, smooth out, Design lumber. Duck Hunt
"The CHAA x2 with W-8 Glass Design" featuring #3 Tight-Knot Cedar staggered 3",5" &7" T&G background. Duck Hunt
"The Vertical" with bordering frame featuring #3 Tight Knot T&G Cedar. Duck Hunt
"The Horizontal" featuring #3 Tight-knot Cedar 7'' Lap Siding, no Splits Duck Hunt